Evidence proof of health benefits from Kombucha

Evidence proof of health benefits from Kombucha

‘What rain is to the soul, tea is to the senses.

I am sure tea lovers agree to this statement. Tea is the most popular beverage all over the world. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, tea rejuvenates one’s soul with its myriad properties. Kombucha is a Fermented Tea rich in probiotics which helps boost immunity, detoxifying and antioxidants-rich. It’s reenergizing, refreshing and immensely relaxing. Kombucha is a living drink with gut-friendly live bacteria and yeast. Originated from China and it was that country itself where the flavors diversified in accordance to its taste, ingredients and health benefits.

1.Kombucha tea is known by many names across the world. To name a few; Red Tea fungus, Chainni Kwas, Mushroom Tea and Champignon de langue vie. Kombucha tea is fermented black tea widely consumed in Russia, eastern Europe, China and US.

2.Kombucha is rich source of healthy bacteria and yeast, Amino acids, essential C and B vitamins, polyphenols, enzymes, antioxidants, acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid and other organic acids & compounds. It has anionic mineral composition such as fluoride, bromide, chloride, iodide, phosphate, sulphate, and nitrate.

3. Kombucha tea has healthy, therapeutics benefits. It helps combat lethal diseases like cancer as it has antioxidants in its concoction. Also, it helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

4. It helps in digestion, blood cleansing, headaches, insomnia, improvement of hair and skin texture, cellular regeneration, better eye sight and improves metabolism too. While the tea undergoes fermentation process, metabolic elements are released in it in order to make it a health enhancer beverage.

5. It has remarkable microbial effect on our body as it helps in curing chronic constipation and peptic ulcers. It is also probiotic in nature thus helping in efficient working of intestines.

6. It detoxifies the body hence purifies the liver of any toxins. Consistent consumption of Kombucha tea results in gout relief, arthritis, rheumatism and kidney stones too.

7. The Kombucha has polyphenols just like any other tea, which in turn kills many harmful microorganisms like bacteria and yeast present in our body.

8. Kombucha assists in reducing high cholesterol levels thus reducing heart related risks. People who drink Kombucha have 31% less probability to have a heart disease.

It is astounding that even after 2000 years of its discovery, Kombucha is still consumed in different parts of the world with consistent ardor. Apparently, Dr Kombu invented a fermented drink made of tea for the ailing Japanese emperor Inokyo in A.D 414. The emperor was well and hearty and named the drink after the Korean doctor, thus Kombu-cha (Kombu’s tea) .

Time and again the Kombucha has caught scientists’ attention. Evidently, the tea should be fermented just the right way else it might affect adversely. However, there is some confusion over Kombucha health claims. Scientists believe that if Kombucha has health benefits, one needs to be informed about just the right dosage and the duration of consumption of the tea. Also, one must know in what age group would it work best.

However, there have been very few studies of Kombucha on human body. But there are a lot of evidences of the benefits of tea and probiotics, both of which are present in Kombucha.

With its popularity touching the sky, Kombucha is available widely. The taste and the texture of the tea is light and soothes nerves. Large sections of population are consuming Kombucha because it is a healthy replacement to aerated, high sugar content drinks.

It is a magical, healing elixir according to many. It is claimed that Kombucha cures many chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. However, it would not be wrong to say that if one wants to make Kombucha, he should be very careful because a wrong concoction can do more harm than good. How much a person should consume to avail of its healing properties? The center of disease control recommends that it if taken thrice a day, one can absorb the goodness of Kombucha in the best way possible. The constituents of Kombucha are verified and studied thoroughly by experts and scientists. Therefore, there is no doubt whatsoever about the ethicalness of Kombucha.

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