10 Reasons to include Macha! Kombucha in your diet

10 Reasons to include Macha! Kombucha in your diet

Kombucha is rapidly becoming a common name due to its various health benefits and delicious flavors. Made with three simple ingredients like Green/Black Tea & Scoby, it is now quickly finding its place on various shelves around the world and is soon going to be a replacement for many other drinks because of its capability to improve health.

We know it’s not very easy to change the regular habits of consuming what we have been taking for years, so we at Macha! are committed to providing the healthy beverage with such flavors that you start enjoying the change and also get the benefits you can hardly get with your regular intakes.

10 Reasons to include Macha! Kombucha in your diet: –

  1. It Is a Probiotic Drink: Kombucha can be considered an immunity booster. It reduces the risk of chronic disease and increases gut health. Its good bacteria can give various health benefits that your body would need. 
  2. Helps in Weight Loss: Kombucha is not a miracle when it comes to weight loss, but thanks to some of the qualities found in Green tea that help improve the metabolism. If you are planning to drop a few pounds, you can surely add Kombucha into your diet plan.
  3. Beneficial for a Healthy Gut: Unhealthy gut is one of the major reasons behind many health issues that people face. Kombucha is one such drink that can help improve your gut health also your immune system. 
  4. May Aid Constipation: As a potential source of probiotics, one of the major health benefits of Kombucha is its ability to give relief from some gastrointestinal issues. Drinking Kombucha can improve irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel, bloating, and constipation. 
  5. It can be an Energy Booster: The base of Kombucha is tea, which is high in caffeine. Although the amount of caffeine reduces a lot during fermentation, its mixture with Vitamin B & Iron can act as an energy booster. 
  6. Helps in Depression Treatment: It can help increase the production of feel-good hormones, like, Serotonin. Studies suggest that some psychiatric disorders might be related to changes in the microbiome. So there is a belief that probiotics in Kombucha can help in some symptoms of depression and anxiety
  7. It is good for Cardiovascular Health: Heart disease increases the chances of stroke or heart attack, but changes towards a healthy lifestyle can be helpful in good cardiovascular health. The potential of Kombucha to positively influence Cholesterol levels is a big plus, because high cholesterol level is a reason for heart disease.
  8. High in Antioxidants: The reason that Kombucha includes antioxidants is one of the biggest reasons why it is so beneficial for health. Antioxidants can help fight off cancer-borne diseases, heart attacks, and other serious ailments. A study said that prostate cancer is angiogenesis-dependent, and Kombucha inhibits it. Kombucha can help in decreasing the survival of prostate cancer cells by inhibiting angiogenesis.
  9. It Can help lower blood sugar: It can be a big-time help for those who are diabetic. It is said to inhibit α-amylase, a protein responsible for higher glucose levels. A recent study suggests, that Kombucha can one day also be used as a treatment for diabetes, in addition to other approaches like diet, exercise, weight loss, insulin, etc.
  10. Go with the Trend – Kombucha has not only become a drink that is accepted widely due to its health benefits but also the flavors it brings along have made people add it to their bucket list. In a very short time, it has become one of the most trendiest beverages. The bottled drink has in fact replaced the other drinks in many places already. If you are the one who follows the trend and likes offering your friends and guests something healthy but unique, Kombucha is certainly a drink to go for.

Macha! on one side has a strong futuristic vision of giving people something to consume that can help them gain various health benefits, but also wants to offer them taste that they cannot resist. The way it has been accepted by the consumers has instilled a lot of confidence to move ahead with positivity.

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