Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macha! Komboocha good for?
Komboocha is just a food, nothing more. But like many fermented foods, people who begin consuming Komboocha often report that it :

  • Aids detoxification
  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts energy Improves gastrointestinal function and metabolism
  • Increases nutrient absorption and waste elimination
  • Helps with inflammation and connective tissue

What is in Macha! Komboocha?
SCOBY – Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, mother culture
Strong Starter Liquid – Well Fermented Kombucha tea
Nutrient Solution – Sweet tea
Lots of healthy bacteria and yeast
Amino acids, including all the essential ones
C and B vitamins, polyphenols, enzymes, antioxidants, and alkaloids in a living form
Acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid, and other organic acids and compounds
Strands of yeast and globs of bacterial cellulose – aka ooglies – toss ‘em back like an oyster shooter or strain to remove – drinker’s choice!

How much Macha! Komboocha can I drink?
We suggest 200 ML serves a day if consumed frequently .Once in a while more than that quantity a day is not harmful.

Is Macha! Komboocha a Medicine?
Komboocha doesn’t cure anything! It contains healthy bacteria and yeast, important B vitamins, and a variety of acids that help the body recover its natural healing ability. Komboocha returns the body to balance through detoxification and improved digestion. Once in balance, the body’s innate immune system takes over and is able to heal itself

Is Macha! Komboocha Alcoholic?
Our Kombucha is fermented yet Non- Alcoholic

What are those things floating in the bottle?
As Komboocha is made of live cultures, the “floaties” in the bottle is the live bacteria itself they’re hugely beneficial for you and are the very thing that balances your Gut flora, you can choose to strain it too

Why do you have to keep the bottles refrigerated?
To slow down the fermentation process. As Macha! Komboocha is completely free of fizz controllers & preservatives and if it is not refrigerated, the contents continue to ferment and taste becomes tart. Still safe to drink but the vinegary taste is more prominent

Is Komboocha safe to drink for pregnant women?
Women shouldn’t start a detoxification program while pregnant because the toxins released in her body will be passed to the child through the breast milk.